Introducing the Nordic Crown Twinsitty stroller – the ideal option for parents seeking a dependable and roomy stroller that caters to siblings. Built with a robust and long-lasting design, this stroller has remained a popular choice among Nordic preschools for several years. The fixed forward-facing seat offers easy access for children to get in and out of the stroller with ease. The Nordic Crown Twinsitty stroller is an excellent fit for slightly older children who require a comfortable sleeping position, and the spacious seating area offers ample space for larger children. With its sulky-like construction, the stroller remains stable and can be conveniently folded, making it a practical choice for busy parents. Choose the Nordic Crown Twinsitty stroller for a dependable and expansive sibling stroller that promises durability and quality, which has established it as a preferred option in Nordic preschools for decades. Recommended use from six months up until the child weighs 22 kg.

• Recommended use from six months up until each child weighs 22 kg.
• Non-toxic textiles certified according to OEKO-TEX, Standard 100, Textile Class 1.
• Spacious seats which have plenty of room even with bulky winter clothes.
• Comfortable seat, soft armrests and extra padded covering.
• Adjustable footrest with removable textile.
• Hood with adjustable sun cap is available as an accessory.
• Backrest can be adjusted in two different rest positions.
• Shock absorption through soft suspension system for child’s comfort.
• Flat-free EVA wheel, removable which facilitates transport and cleaning.
• Chassis easy to fold and locks automatically.
• Large practical shopping basket approved for weight up to 10 kg.

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Handlebar height: 103 cm

Seat measurements: L107 x W50 x H25 cm

Seat width: 50 cm

Seat depth: 25 cm

Backside length (starting from seat): 54 cm
Footrest length: 28 cm

Measurements folded: L83 x W74 x H35 cm

Weight: 13 kg

Maximum weight load: 2 * 22 kg in seat and 10 kg in basket

Wheels: ø 23 cm

  • A little lubricating oil around the wheels and joints now and then will keep your pram happy.
  • Clean chassis with water and dry properly.
  • Dry stroller before storage in room temperature with hood up so that it can dry and thus avoid damage due to damp.
  • Do not bleach or use detergent with optical whitener.
  • Rinse and dry the pushchair if it has been exposed to the sea or salted carriage ways.
  • Always use Nordic Crown rain cover in case of rain or snow.
  • Never expose the stroller to excessive sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Be careful during transportation and storage as the surface of the chassis is fragile.

For more care information please check our care instruction page.