Nordic Crown makes prams and strollers of very high quality. But they need to be maintained and cared for to last as long as possible. Keep the prams and stroller dry (not in a carport or similar). If the pram or stroller has been used outside in rain or humid weather, the chassis should be immediately wiped off and the pram or stroller set up indoors or at room temperature with the top folded up to dry and avoid moisture damage.

Ensure that the pram or stroller is always dry during storage. Check and clean your pram or stroller regularly to reduce the risk of rust damage. Use warm water and only regular soap or detergent (not bleach, alcohol, soap or abrasive detergent). Brush the pram or stroller with car wax or similar if necessary. All fabrics are tested to official standards. Nevertheless, bleaching of the fabric can occur, especially on particularly exposed parts of the carriage. Never expose the pram or stroller to strong sunlight for an extended period of time.

Care labels are available on all upholstery. The outer fabric has a strong water repellent impregnation. Nevertheless, water droplets can penetrate through the small sewing holes and form moisture stains on the cotton fabric. 100 percent protection against moisture is obtained by using rain cover in the event of rain or snowfall. When washing the outer fabric be sure to remove any residue of soap or detergent for the impregnation to work. Rinse and dry the trolley if you have used it near the sea or on salted roads.

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We provide a 12 month warranty and a 3 year warranty on manufacturing defects. Receipt or other proof of purchase must be presented to use the guarantee. The warranty does not apply if the product is purchased second-hand or by an unauthorized dealer.