Why & How?

Why & How?


A footmuff is more or less a hooded sleeping bag that you can install on the stroller during cooler days to keep your baby and toddler warm and cozy.

A footmuff is designed as an accessory for strollers or car seats that can be securely attached to the harnesses so it won’t fall off. Most foormuffs are compatable with almost all modern strollers.


Depending on your toddler’s age you need to choose whether the footmuff is designed only for newborns or is made for toddler use. Some footmuffs are designed to be extendable through zippered bottoms and can be lengthened as the child grows.

An important aspect is the fabric used in the footmuff since it comes in direct contact with your baby’s skin. It is safer not to put something that contains toxins to the baby skin.

A footmuff is made of layers of cotton or fleece from the inside that will keep your baby warm but you need to make sure that the fabric is breathable so that your baby won’t become sticky and irritated with sweat.

Make sure that the footmuff has a water-resistant exterior to offer your child protection against moisture and keep your baby dry. The backside of the footmuff should have an anti-slip material to support the footmuff to stay in place.

Footmuffs are designed to be used in winter, autumn, spring and even summer. Make sure to pay attention to the footmuff temperature rating choosing the one that provides warmth without overheating the baby.

For cold climate it is advisable to choose winter-rated options and if you intend to use the footmuff for all seasons then you can opt for 4season/universal footmuff that has detachable layers to be added or removed as needed.

Make sure that the footmuff can be inserted to the pram or pushchair which attaches securely through the harness fixings. You should be able to detach it quickly when you need to wash it.

Most footmuffs are designed to be used with either a 5-point harness system, a 3-point harness system or with both. Ensure that the footmuff is compatible with your stroller.



Babies are sensitive to heat and vulnerable to weather changes. Footmuffs offer both warmth and comfort during your outdoor walks without need to overdress your baby. It also provides more wiggling room for your child. Most footmuffs are waterproof which means that your little one is cosy and dry.


Blankets are usualy kicked off and land on the floor, which can be dangerous if it will get caught under the stroller’s wheels. Footmuffs are secured and fastened to the stroller, so you don’t need to worry that it will fall or uncover your baby.


Preparing for a new member in the family can be costly and you might debate whether you need to buy a footmuff for your newborn. Since babies outgrow their clothes fast you will be saving the cost of buying snowsuits every season. Most footmuffs are designed to be used for several seasons.


Footmuffs are practical and functional while traveling or leaving the house. It is easier to move your baby from the car directly to a warm stroller or to use the footmuff as a layer while changing diapers and clothes.