Safety & Quality

Safety & Quality

We have always prioritised SAFETY and QUALITY. We value our customer feedback as well as continuously critically evaluating our products and thereby improving the safety and quality of the products.

Our brand was created after we acquired the rights to BRIO’s classic Original strollers Sitty, Race, Spin, Twinsitty and Duette. These strollers have been exposed in a variety of Nordic environments, in snow and cold, in forests and fields, in cities and on the countryside, for many decades. All these strollers have been developed and previously also produced in Osby.

We have also carried out a number of appreciated upgrades of the products under our own Nordic Crown brand.

European standard

All our strollers are tested and approved in accordance with European Standard:

We have chosen to use TÜV Rheinland as the test institute for all our strollers. TÜV Rheinland is an independent international testing organisation and a global leader in the inspection service industry.

Non toxic

We are extremely thorough in ensuring that all of our fabrics are non-toxic. All our textiles used in the strollers are OEKO-TEX certified according to class 1. This certification is a guarantee that no hazardous nor allergenic substances existing in the material.

tested products

We have our own test laboratory in Osby, Sweden, where all prams & strollers are tested with much higher requirements than in the official independent test laboratories. This is our way of ensuring Quality and Safety by having a margin against the official standard requirements.

durable products

We have chosen to test our single and sibling strollers for a maximum weight of 22 kg per child and 10 kg in the basket. This means that our maximum weight for our single strollers is as much as 32 kg and for our sibling strollers 54 kg.